Water Babies: 2 mo. - 5 mo.

Water Babies Details

Baby Class
Ages 2 months through 5 months
9 babies (with adults) max per class
30 minute class
Tuition: FREE!

Specifically tailored for infants 2 months through 5 months old, these classes provide you and your little one a time to bond while helping your baby become comfortable in the water.

Class Focus:

  • Introduction to Aquatic Environment
  • Maintain Babies Natural Diving Reflex
  • Stimulate Babies Natural Swimming Reflex
  • Acclimation, Sensory and Motor Development

We developed this class to help ensure that babies, YES, EVEN BABIES, don't lose their natural swim abilities. Infants have a number of natural instincts that we will foster to encourage lifelong swim development:

The Diving Reflex

  • The Diving Reflex, or Bradycardic Response, means that infants whose heads are submerged in water will NATURALLY hold their breath. Their heart rate will also slow down while they are underwater. Left unused, this reflex disappears after about six months of age.

The Swimming Reflex

  • Newborns placed stomach-side down in water will move their arms and legs in a repetitive "swimming" motion. This is known as the Swimming Reflex. This reflex, too, begins to fade about the six-month mark if left unused.

Participants will smile, laugh, and enjoy fun activities like blowing bubbles and singing songs while we gradually introduce water safety and early swimming skills like floating, reaching, kicking and submersion.

Family Membership Fee is $30, covers the entire family and expires 1 full calendar year from the date you pay it.

Online Registration:

A new schedule will be posted for February classes after Jan.15th.

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