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Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons provide one-on-one, individualized instruction with one of our qualified swim instructors. Private lessons are a wonderful option for older beginning swimmers, swimmers who require or prefer extra attention in the water, and for individuals who wish to work on specific strokes or water skills. They are also a good option for people who cannot make our regularly scheduled class times work within their schedules.

Semi-private swim lessons have a ratio of 2 students to 1 instructor. This option is good for families or good friends who wish to have two of their children swimming together. Similar to private lessons, semi-private lessons are tailored to the requests and needs of the students. They allow for more individualized attention, and can be a good way to complement your weekly group swim lessons.

 * Private Lessons (30-minutes): $60 per ASA Member; $70 per Non-member
 * Semi-Private Lessons (30-minutes): $35 per ASA Member; $45 per Non-member

Click HERE for our swim waivier.

Availability for Private Lessons can be found on the Class Schedule: Click Here to view availability