Sting Rays: Experienced & 5+ years

Enrollment Requirements

Students must be able to front & back float independently

Students must be able to swim 80 feet continuously without breaking

Students must already know basic front crawl

Students must be able to Swim a Front Float to Back Float w/out assistance

Sting Rays understand the individual elements of swimming and are ready to learn to combine them into full strokes.

After your child has learned to swim independently proficiently it is time to start laying a strong stroke foundation which allows them to effortlessly move themselves through the water. We combine this foundation with a rigorous endurance regimen that prepares students to swim each stroke at least 24 meters.

Stroke Focus & Overview:

  • Front Crawl Catch Up
  • Back Crawl
  • Breaststroke Development
  • Self Discipline & Awareness
  • Endurance training & Treading Water
  • Proper Breathing Techniques & Body Control

Family Membership Fee is $30, covers the entire family and expires 1 full calendar year from the date you pay it.

Only choose one session as our system will auto-renew enrollment monthly!

January 2018 Class Registration:

February 2018 Class Registration:

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