Star Fish: Ages 2.5 yrs & Up

Class Requirements
  • Students must at least 2 1/2 yrs & Up
  • Students must be able to follow direction & wait their turn
  • Student(s) must be comfortable being away from Mom/Dad
  • Previous swim lessons are not necessary for these classes

For beginning swimmers who are ready to work without a parent/caregiver in the water. Our beginner children's swim lessons are broken into two categories:

Beginner Star Fish Details
This class was designed for total beginners and those not comfortable with the water. We will introduce basic water safety & orientation, voluntary water submersion, and assisted front/back floats, kicking, and breath control.

Advanced Star Fish Details
This level was designed for beginners comfortable with the water and will move our swimmers towards more independence and stronger swim skills like unassisted front/back floats, even more breath control, unassisted kicks and dog paddle.

Family Membership Fee is $30, covers the entire family and expires 1 full calendar year from the date you pay it.

Only choose one session as our system will auto-renew enrollment monthly!

January 2018 Class Registration:

February 2018 Class Registration

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