Sea Horse: Ages 3.5 yrs & Up

Class Requirements
  • Student MUST be able to front & back float unassisted
  • Student MUST be able to swim 10 feet independently with no floaties/assistance.
  • Students MUST be able to stay submerged/hold breath at least 10 seconds

For younger swimmers with increased independence and confidence, our Beginner-Intermediate lessons introduce basic stroke mechanics and are broken into two categories:

Beginner Sea Horse Details
These classes are highlighted by lifesaving skills and an introduction to balanced swim stroke technique and form. We introduce front float to back float rolling, proper kick technique and form, front & back glide as well as the sitting dive and nose bubbles for improved breath control.

Advanced Sea Horse Details
These classes introduce and emphasize proper stroke development. Skills taught include elementary free style arms, free style breathing, breaststroke arms and elementary back crawl. These skills are the building blocks of all future strokes and will create safe & strong swimmers.

Family Membership Fee is $30, covers the entire family and expires 1 full calendar year from the date you pay it.

Only choose one session as our system will auto-renew enrollment monthly!

January 2018 Class Registration:

February 2018 Class Registration:

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