Dolphins: Pre-Team 7+yrs

Class Details

Pre-Team: Advanced Class

Students 7 years & Up [with requisite skills]

7 students per class

45 minute class

Tuition: $99 - $123/mo

This is a 45-minute non-competitive “team” style workout with an in-water instructor.

The class focuses on refining techniques as well as building strength & endurance. Advanced stroke  development includes a minimum of 80 feet of continuous stroke practice per skill set.

Stroke Focus & Overview:

  • Time Management & Discipline
  • Mastery of Freestyle, Backstroke, Dolphin Kick & Breaststroke
  • Introduction of Dolphin rolls & Dry Land warmups
  • Introduction to freestyle, back & open turns

Family Membership Fee is $30, covers the entire family and expires a full calendar year from the date paid.

January 2018 Class Registration:

February 2018 Class Registration:

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